Washington State St Bernards& Boxers


Please Read All Info..... below are all our contracts, and guarantees that signatures by both parties will be required on before our puppies go to their new homes, so again please read carefully.
 Puppy Contract, and Guarantee

  I guarantee your puppy has been socialized, and well cared for from the time of birth.
 Your Saint bernard puppies will have their dew claws removed by a licensed vet, be up to date on vaccines, worming treatments and has been socialized. Your Saint Bernard puppy will come with AKC ( American kennel club) registration.

Your boxer puppies will have tails/ dewclaws removed by a licensed vet, up to date shots, and worming treatments, and has been socialized. If you have decided on a boxer puppy to join your family he/she will also come with an Akc (american kennel club) registration, and/or a Ckc registration (continental kennel club).
I will guarantee your puppies health for 1 year after purchase covering any genetic caused illness only. I ask that you take your puppy to your veterinarian within one week of pick up to set up your new puppy program including shots, necessary worming, etc.  If you should have any health problems within this time please contact me as soon as possible. No cash refunds. If you have a genetic problem, I must have written proof from a licensed vet. I will replace the puppy, with a puppy of equal value. In order to obtain your new puppy, you must return the ill puppy within 7 days of the vet visit. All deposits are non refundable after you have picked a puppy out.
  If for any reason you can not keep your puppy it is agreed upon that the puppy will be returned to me, and not a humane society.
Your puppy has been socialized with animals, and small children. He/she has begun to potty, and simple commands training. I recommend you, and your new puppy enter obedience training to ensure you, and your pet live harmoniously together for a life time.
  I have enjoyed providing you with the new member of your family, and wish you much fun, and joy with your new puppy.
 All deposits are non refundable, and all sales are final, all guarantees will be covered by a new puppy of equal value, unless a prior arrangement has been agreed upon.



Date of shots given:                                                          Date of last worming:

Due Again:                                                                        Pyrantel Pamoate (Nemex 2)                        

Please read carefully!
  You will be responsible for showing proof by the date on this contract. You will be required to spay or neuter your puppy by 6 months of age, and send written proof that it has been done. The only exception would be due to health, and that will decided in written proof from a licensed vet.  Please do your research before deciding on one of our puppies because this is a legal binding contract, and it will be enforced. 
Spay/Neuter Contract

  Permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your compliance with this Addendum. Proof of the spay/neuter must be received by the (PURCHASER'S NAME) within fourteen (14) days after the surgery. In the event that the dog’s health does not allow this agreement to be honored, Washington State Saint Bernards and Boxers must be provided with a statement from your veterinarian that this dog is not yet in physical or emotional condition for surgery. Based upon the veterinarian’s evaluation of this dog the (purchaser) will contact the veterinarian and establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed. (PURCHASER) will notify the BREEDER of this amendment in writing, at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced.

  This is the responsibility of the PURCHASER, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Washington State Saint Bernards and Boxers  has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the Contract, and PURCHASER will transport this dog back to Washington State Saint Bernards and Boxers  and will not be entitled to a refund. Please send all paper work back to me at Jesse Lopez/Dusty Hadley, Po Box 182, Riverside WA 98849.

  By my signature below, I agree to have this dog spayed/neutered by no later than__________________________, and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. I also agree that should puppy not be altered that I will return said puppy back to Washington State Saint Bernards and Boxers with no refund.


Date:____________________, 20__

Purchaser's Name:

(please print):___________________________________





Telephone number (home):(______)______________


Breeder's Signature______________________________


  Neutering a male eliminates the possibility of testicular tumors and efficiently reduces the chance of prostate problems.

  Neutering decreases the chance of perinatal tumors and hernias, that are in older, un neutered males. Neutered males are less likely to escape a yard and find a female in heat. This reduces the chance of them being hit by cars, getting into fights or lost.

  Females spayed before their first estrous cycle reduces her chance of mammary tumors, ovarian cancer and uterine infection A spayed female eliminates the neighborhood stray males from coming over or through your fence to breed with her.

  Spaying and neutering before sexual maturity has a temperament benefit. Males neutered early in life tend to be less aggressive. Neutered males are less likely to mark in the house.

  A spayed female does not have hormonal mood swings and will make a far superior pet. A female with a litter can become very aggressive. Spaying makes your female a better companion.