Washington State St Bernards& Boxers


Puppy Application
Please fill out this puppy application below to be considered as a forever home for one of our puppies. You will have to copy and paste this application, and send it to me via email.
Boxer and Saint Bernard Puppy Application


Email Address:     

Your cell phone number

Have you owned a Boxer/St. Bernard before?


If not, have you owned another larger breed or working breed before?

Do you have other pets in the house?
Do you have children in your home?

Do you live in an apartment, if so do you have a plan? (walking schedules, exercise, etc.)    
 What makes you want a Boxer/St. Bernard?

Is gender and color important to you? If it is list what sex and color you are looking for:

What potential are you looking for? (Pet, Show, Working)

Do you want to breed your Boxer/St. Bernard? Explain if you do, and how your show or breeding program is set up?

Are you willing to take the time and obedience train?

Do you live a lifestyle that allows you to have a big dog?
Finally, Please take the time to tell me anything else you feel I should know about you:     

By filling out this application I certify that I am who I say I am, I am not a puppy mill, and will never be involved with puppy mills, brokers, or pet stores.